About Us


At the age of ten, Kenneth had an interest in cars, later that interest grew into a passion that fueled the need to learn as much as possible about automobiles.  Captivated by his father’s Pontiac 5 Star, Ken would complete all his chores and home-work to have the freedom to visit local auto repair shops and learn from them.  

Today, under his direction, Ken’s Auto Repair of Melbourne is Proud to provide automotive Service excellence with more than 35 Years of Experience!  Ken’s Auto Repair of Melbourne is a consumer friendly auto repair shop.  Ken, the lead mechanic, is very courteous and takes pride in servicing your automobile to the utmost satisfaction.  
Ken’s passion and experience works for the residents of Brevard County and keep their vehicles in top shape. Ken knows how important finding a trusted automotive repair partner can be and try to ensure prompt and courteous service for all your vehicle needs.

There is no project too small or too great.  Services provided range from an oil change to complete engine installation; Ken and staff are here to help.  

Give Ken a call today to learn how he can get your vehicle back in tip top shape.